Current Menu

The intent of our menu is to showcase plants in a way that inspires new avenues in cuisine while learning from the history of the cuisines we serve. With every dish we try to innovate, and we hope to give you a new experience and share our reverence/love for the plants the world has to offer.

Our menu is subject to constant change as we strive to move forward toward something new.

Current price: $35 pp


Oyster mushrooms

sesame, micro cilantro


cashew yogurt, red pepper paste, marjoram

Onion pakora

mushroom paste, sweet & sour sauce

Green beans

brazil nut butter, red pepper paste



lentils, raita, pomegranate

Flower pot

thai curry, soft potatoes, shiso


parsnips, almond butter, date syrup

Soba noodles

with cedar smoked eggplant


with smoked poblano paste


Saffron Pudding

Forest floor

Chocolate Avocado

Cold tea 4.5 / 11 (btl)

Hot sauce 2 / 5 (flight)

Achar 3 / 6 (flight)